Mission & Educational Philosophy

Sankara School constantly strives to excellence through holistic education. We create socially responsible citizens who are deep rooted in our culture and traditions and achieve excellence in education. The school strongly believes in the need to preserve and pass on our hoary tradition, values and culture to the younger generation. The ethos of the school will fully reflect this sentiment. Bearing the name of Sankara, the philosophy and teaching of Sri Sankara are given wide importance in the cultural, extra-curricular activities and competitions held in the school. All ancient and traditional festivals of our country are a part of school activities and children are given adequate exposure. Fostering national spirit, brotherhood, harmony among community are emphasized by social service projects, observing Independence and Republic Day. The philosophy of the school is to build strong and vibrant youth imbibed in our ancient value system, to take our country forward in all fields with a spiritual lead.



The school’s motto is ‘From Ignorance to Knowledge’. The purpose of education is a relentless pursuit of seeking truth, free from prejudice and passion. Hence, our entire educational system is to mould the children into fine human beings, to manifest the perfection that already exists in them.

School Infrastructure

School infrastructure

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We believe in “Teamwork – dream work”. Our dedicated team of teachers strongly believe and uphold the mission and vision of our institution and endeavour to shape every individual with right values and the right attitude to be competent, responsible, and enterprising. They are the pillars of our school and when it comes to the quality there is zero compromise. Our teachers come with decades of extensive experience and expertise in educating and guiding the students to think beyond the obvious. We ensure to reward our teachers with the generous remuneration packages, and we view this as an investment for economic prosperity


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