Sankara School is an institution which constantly strives to achieve excellence through education. We create socially responsible citizens who are deep rooted in our culture and traditions and achieve excellence in education. We are the only private school in Thiruvottiyur spread over 1.8 acres of land with construction over 50,000 sq. ft. The school offers a curriculum that includes academics, sports and creative arts. The curriculum seeks to preparetions.

Student's journey​

SANKARA Pedagogy

Learners of Today; Leaders of Tomorrow


At Sankara, we ensure that your ward meets their developmental milestones that act as a useful guideline of ideal development.

A Child’s brain undergoes amazing development between 0 and 3 years with million neural connections each second. A child’s relationship, environment and social experiences play a significant role in Brain Building of your little one.

Journey at Sankara for children commences at the age of 3. Our adorable offspring who begin schooling at 3 gradually learn to become self-sustained learners as they graduate to their Upper KG. They expand their inquisitive expertise by learning to pray, count, notice properties of objects, Plan and problem solving, learn about their environment and their bodies, Understand order of events in a day. They are transformed to children who recite a sloka to pray, play and self-learn, express emotions, creatively think and become small adult – like who’d love to show off their new skills as they turn 5.

When children are young, they are truly themselves without any restrictions, so we make sure that they have a schooling that is worth remembering and no doubt that the learner of today at Sankara will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Primary School

It is a fact that at the age of 7, children’s brain rapidly develops to learn new concepts and skills. They love to explore and become curious to know the world. With increased attention span, children at this stage become more independent self-learners with moderate reading and writing skills. 

Our Primary Children typically transform into sensible grownup kids. To facilitate their natural learning phase, children are taught to quietly pray, recite lengthy slokas and bhajans.  They start enjoying and show interest to participate in dramatic plays, build good vocabulary skills, become an expert with basic numeracy skills and time (Clock) . This is the stage they are introduced to techno world through computer scratch programming. Children of Sankara become more aware of lifecycle and surroundings outside, start to evaluate themselves, become competent,  learn to cooperate in groups, develop sportsmanship and friendship, show interest in being a grownup by beginning to tackle more responsibilities.

Secondary School

Vigorous cognitive development takes place when the child is around eleven years old. Children at Sanakra are nurtured and encouraged according to their individual capabilities.  We know the fact that we are all not born with equal talents, but Sankara provides equal opportunities to develop their talents. Children become poised younger teens, turn out to be spiritually inclined, take up any indoor or an outdoor sport and can explore the library during their own free time. They are tactically made to shed inhibitions by facing the stage along with their academic arena. They learn to express empathy, learn to develop persistence, become independent thinkers and socially responsible. At this stage they are made to set personal achievement goals.

Higher Secondary School

Adolescence is the period when a change happens throughout the body. Researchers propose that a teens’ success in sports or academics or any curricular or extracurricular stream for that matter modifies positively the way they think for their rest of their life  Teens at this age get involved in their own selves and get easily swayed away without much about the outcome of their own actions. Sankara’s children become erudite young adolescents. During this phase of this teen journey , they are all set to receive the complex high school curriculum. Here Children are trained to become articulate and think inferentially and logically.

When children are young, they are truly themselves without any restrictions, so we make sure that they have a schooling that is worth remembering and no doubt that the learners’ of today at Sankara will be the leaders of tomorrow.


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